Have you ever wondered why am I different?  What would it be like to be the same as others?  What am I doing on this planet? 


Through establishing societal normsan element of power and control, the tendency of humanity is “to be like the Jones”.  In such an environment there is nothing new to learn as we merely mimic each other.  However, as each of us is unique and being different, we learn from each other the lessons of life and become better individuals.  Over the years, governments, businesses, organizations, institutions, etc have effectively used labeling and compartmentalizing people as a means to promote separation/segregation to direct the destiny of humanity for self-interest.

Most of us have observed that as individuals we have a tendency to look down on others who do NOT fit our mental model.  We thus experience difficulty in accepting those who are different – be they physically/ mentally challenged, associated with weight-related or gender-related issues, physical appearance/demeanor, etc in the belief that most of us fall within what is generally referred to as ‘normal’.  ‘Normal’ is a fictitious standard arbitrarily set to foster separation/segregation. This paradigm of marginalization has been shattered by individuals demonstrating that neither their physical or mental conditions affect their performance in a negative way.  Au contrare, in several cases they have outperformed others and, as they are extremely gifted, they have brought to this world very significant learning experiences for humanity that of “accepting” each other for who they are, just the way they are, including their perceived short-comings.  For it is BECAUSE OF OUR SHORT-COMINGS, that we learn and grow in spirit. People, who are extremely gifted, have a lot to contribute to society but as they are different from the rest, or as they are carrying a heavy load – be it associated with karma or health-related issues, they are not readily accepted by society.  This sets in motion the withdrawal of individuals and eventual depression—the extent of depression varying between individuals.  The medical community, based on their understanding and knowledge, sees them as persons with disorders, labels them, and treats them with mind-influencing drugs, often without success.  With the passage of time, various drugs with significant side effects are used in their treatment; all in the belief that it will help the individual.  However, Reiki, which deals with the root cause of the problem and acts to harmonize at the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels, is known to have transcended medical/mental/ emotional limitations with success in certain instances. Additionally, Quantum Sound Therapy can assist in all of these by removing subconscious blockages.

1 The term “extreme” is relative and thus varies from person to person.