Have you been feeling tired? Do you feel you are depleted of energy? You are not alone. Most of humanity, work with only 10-15% of energy in the present. The remaining 85%-90% of the energy is leaked either to the past, the future, or both. However, one can be with 100% energy in the present by stopping the leakage in their energy. This is achievable by remaining in the present, in the Here and Now.

By remaining in the present, in the Here and Now, neither the past nor the future is permitted to invade our present space and as such cannot have an impact on us. It allows us to be in the moment and enjoy to the fullest and keeps us centered and balanced, allowing things to unfold according to the Divine Plan.  For Reiki click here

When you feel that your energy level is down or you feel drained or depleted of the energy, look at what thoughts are in your mind at that time, for that is where your energy is being dispensed. If you are leaking a lot, you will find the tenseness being released from the extremities of the body as you recall your energy from either, the person or the situation, returning to full vigor.