What is the purpose of my earthly sojourn?
Humanity, as part of the evolution process, elected to go through the earthly experience on Mother earth in human form and experiment with duality consciousness and free will to learn and grow in spirit.
Earth is a school in which we learn only through practical experience; all other things such as knowledge in the academic and religious sector, spiritual and religious practices are tools to work with.  As such through the experimentation process, we explore going from one extreme to another eventually finding the balance.

What is the evolutionary time-frame?  Where is humanity headed? 

There is human life-form on a multitude of stars, planets, and galaxies throughout the universe, with varying levels of consciousness.  Over the years, people from various star nations and galaxies have elected to go through the human experience as a means of learning to foster and further spiritual growth – the earthly sojourn being transitory in nature.  There are, thus, on this planet human beings with a wide range of characteristics, personalities, outlooks, and experiences with whom we intermingle and explore.  We have erected financial, health, and social institutions, and set up systems that were intended to serve humanity, as humanity progressed in consciousness.

However, these institutions and systems, have taken on a different role and have evolved into entities that focus on their self-interests.  Contrary to our universal responsibility, this modus of Operandi has culminated in disregard for the well-being of all life forms. 

As such, these institutions and systems have outlived their purpose.  This learning phase of our experience in the third dimension is ending as per the Divine Plan of the Creator, beckoning a new beginning for Mother Earth.  Humanity is now at crossroads and is in a period of major shift in consciousness to ‘Oneness of all’, and associated with it an Era of Peace, goodwill, and abundance.  This entails the disintegration of the old institutions that have ceased to serve humanity’s well-being and erecting new benevolent ones that serve humanity in the next level of consciousness.  At an individual level, it entails letting go of:

  •  self-limiting and debilitating belief systems and thought patterns that no longer serve our highest good; and
  •  old ways of doing things (‘I the Doer’) that will no longer work for us and embrace new ways of doing things that reflect ‘I the Instrument working for the greater good of humanity i.e. I as an individual, part of the whole’ The latter embraces the concept of “oneness of all” and resonates with the interconnectedness element of humanity.

Towards that end, new transmutation and transformational energies are being dispensed on the planet to achieve this objective.  The practice of Reiki furthers understanding of self and others and has the ability to transmute and transform all limiting aspects of our daily lives.  The use of Quantum Sound Therapy helps remove subconscious blockages and self-sabotage conditions.  This expedites the process and brings all aspects of our Being into harmony and balance consistent with the new objective.


Have you ever wondered what mind-conditioning has done to humanity as a whole and you as an individual?  Why has humanity not been able to find equitable solutions to the world’s problems or their personal problems?  How can I liberate myself from mind-conditioning? 

Over the years, the programming of the mind associated with learned knowledge learned behaviour, and belief systems have enticed humanity to operate within the established parameters set by the financial, health, and social structures/institutions.  Also, with the explosion of communication devices and continuous broadcast of world news and information programs, selectively presented by (so-called) experts and pundits has the potential to further condition our minds and influence our belief systems and thought patterns.  This effectively keeps us operating within their set parameters and prevents individuals from reaping their full potential.  Additionally, it hampers their ability to transcend all self-limiting and debilitating belief systems and thought patterns.  The constant challenges posed in the day-to-day living activities at the expense of personal growth have preoccupied humanity in dealing with them and has become an integral part of living.  This has culminated in humanity becoming mind-dominated and in the process allowed the mind to overshadow guidance – guidance being our true knowing.  Instead of seeking guidance to come up with innovative solutions to resolve problems, we tend to rely primarily on learned knowledge – the latter has failed us repeatedly in the past.


There are ways in which we can liberate this mind-domination by re-programming our mind through the medium of positive affirmations, “mantras”, using various techniques/therapies – Reiki being one of the primary means; with quantum Sound Therapy in the technology field. Ultimately, it is the transformation of the mind that will eradicate its dominance.  The transformation of our mind takes place when one allows one’s true guidance (that stems from our heart) to do the suggesting.  For the heart cannot be ‘conned’ Our heart can always be relied upon to offer true guidance, yet we have been regulated to listen to the mind-generated fears.  To learn more about the challenges posed to become in tune with our guidance and distinguishing it from ego-based mind see a workshop on:


  • Reiki Level I, Reiki Level II, and Reiki Master-Teacher courses and initiations ;
  • How to Release Self-imposed & Self-limiting Thought Patterns;
  • Learning How to Quieten Your Mind.