When it comes to weight gain, people often think that when they
are hungry, their body is actually craving for water. When we
do not drink enough of it, our body receives mixed signals on hunger. As
drinking water contains chemicals, our body does not like it, therefore we
tend to not consume nearly enough.

Dehydration causes us to believe that we need to eat when we really
need liquid intake. A large segment (75%) of the North American population suffers from chronic dehydration. North Americans have a weak thirst
sensation for water that is mistaken for hunger, making weight gain a
major health issue.

Factors that further dehydration, include:

● availability of cheap, plentiful and low-quality foods and
calorie-counting beverages. Processed foods, refined grains, preservatives, sugar take more water to metabolize and flush out ingested toxins;
● low quality of municipal water treated with fluoride that causes
weight gain and depression;
● alcohol and coffee reduce melatonin, decreases memory enzymes, causes DNA damage and affects brain functioning;
● medication in general, and Psychiatric drugs in particular sucks
water out of brain that is essential for neurotransmitter functionality, and
● Food allergies culminating in high Histamine levels.

All of which further exacerbate the situation, leading us to consume food
while our body craves for fluids, thereby contributing to weight gain.
Water has become the most misunderstood and underappreciated
nutrient in the world. It is one of the most important elements essential
for optimum operation of our vital organs and systems. Our brain is 80%
water that runs the pituitary and hypothalamus glands – glands that regulate body weight. Our body is 75% water and that relates to our hunger
drive & thirst. Humans need to drink at least nine glasses of live water
daily to take care of our daily body water loss. Based on the quality of
foods consumed, our body requires more water to complete its digestive
and eliminating processes.
Oxygen from free-radicals have become the cause for known diseases today, including weight gain. Oxidization occurs when an oxygen
molecule has an overabundance of electrons which then damages cells in
our body. However, when active hydrogen combines with the free-radical
oxygen, then the result is water – water that helps the detoxifying of the
cells. The use of micro-clustered, electrolyte-reduced, hydrogen-enriched
Live water is readily absorbed by the cells, ending acid overload and
bad chemistry, associated with weight gain. Such ionized water carries
oxygen to the cells, culminating in boosting energy levels. As such, it
provides energetic equivalent of food – increases energy and facilitates
body to burn fat. In the process, it makes proteins and enzymes function
efficiently and transports nutrients, hormones and other elements to address weight-related issues.
As we have come to learn, stress is a major component in our lives
and contributes greatly to weight gain. When our body undergoes stress,
it causes our body hormones and neurotransmitters to work harder and
uses up more vital resources that need water to keep functioning. Not
only do humans need to drink more water, but they have to drink the right kind of water.

All waters are NOT created equal, as most waters available on the
market including bottled water and water purification systems is dead
water. This dead water is loaded with damaging free-radicals and has
acidic component – all of which fosters dehydration. It is, therefore, essential that we use the right quality of Live water that is micro-clustered,
electrolyte-reduced and hydrogen-enriched. This electronically-charged –
a free-radical scavenger water – fosters optimum hydration. Additionally,
the common wisdom that salt is NOT good for our consumption is false
as our body needs the essential minerals contained in a teaspoon of salt
daily. Consumption of the common iodized salt is not good for consumption as it contributes towards dehydration. On the other hand, the right
type of salt such as Himalayan Salt or unrefined Celtic (grey) salt facilitates rapid hydration of our cells.
Given the important role water plays in our lives, especially concerning weight gain, knowing the quality of water we drink is an essential first
step on the road to our optimal physical, emotional and mental health.
Are you curious to see what lurks in your water? Lise and I will give you
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This article appeared in Tone Magazine in 2021.