Covid Loves Water!

Are winter blues and Covid drawing you down? Are the issues of Covid such as isolation, separation from family and friends, disruption from your day-to-day routine generating anxiety and depression? Do you feel fearful and suffer from anxiety, depression or shortness of breath? If so, your brain health may be compromised and hampering you from leading a full and healthy life. Dehydration has been identified as one of the culprits in declining brain health and we offer a simple solution to this: Live water. It has the potential to eliminate these symptoms and improve your and your family’s brain health.

There is a simple daily-need solution – Live water— that has the potential to improve health for you and your family’s. Is your brain compromised, hampering you from leading a full and healthy life? Having a healthy mind enables you to lead a fulfilled, whole and complete healthy life.

The Canadian winter months are hard on people. During this period, many Canadians feel down, stressed, depressed, and anxious, resorting more to prepared and comfort foods and beverages. Did you know that prepared and comfort foods, and beverages such as sodas, tea, coffee, milk, alcohol we consume foster dehydration/ acidity? It takes 32 glasses of pH9.0 alkaline water to neutralize one, eight oz soda! The consumption of aforenoted foods and beverages compromises our immune system.

Psychiatric drugs are often prescribed to treat depression and anxiety. The use of these psychiatric drugs, sucks water out of our brain that is essential for neurotransmitter functionality, thereby increasing dehydration, further exacerbating these conditions. The dehydration/ acid buildup in our bodies resulting therefrom, in conjunction with that from diet and metabolic further compromise our systems increasing our feelings of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, there is fear, anxiety, depression and stress associated with the severe winter condition. This, in conjunction with the risks associated with the current pandemic spreading, causes the body hormones and neurotransmitters in our brain to work harder and consume more vital resources that need water to keep functioning.

When a person is dehydrated, it affects all functionality and systems in a derogatory manner, including the brain. Water protects the tissues from shriveling up and helps dissolve minerals. The undissolved minerals harden up in the organs of our bodies and, in this case, our brain. When the accumulation of hardened minerals in the brain is left unaddressed – through the medium of hydration using Live water – it has the potential to culminate in severe life-threatening medical conditions.

Proper hydration of the body using the right type of Live water, especially the brain, allows oxygen to be carried to the brain cells, flushing out toxins/ poisons, helps produce digestive enzymes and keeps our bodies pain-free. In our previous articles, we have discussed the side effects of dehydration, its impact on disrupting the flow of energy resources to our brain, culminating in poor brain function and furthering the feelings of anxiety and depression.

This is because they do not have the electro-magnetic energy moved by the fluids in the brain through the right kind of Live water to get rid of their depression. The cumulative effect of winter-related depression and anxiety, in conjunction with dehydration associated with consumption of prepared and comfort foods and beverages and the use of psychiatric drugs has the potential to culminate in extreme dehydration, generating severe health-related issues and adversely affecting our health overall. This problem can be mitigated by hydrating our brain with clean Live water.

Water has become the most misunderstood and underappreciated nutrient in the world. It is one of the most important elements essential for optimum operation of our vital organs and systems, most importantly, our brain. Our brain is 80% water that runs the pituitary and hypothalamus glands – glands that regulate our bodily functions. Oxygen from free-radicals compromise the optimal performance of bodily systems and functions, and in the brain, they hamper neurotransmitter functionality.

Oxidization occurs when an oxygen molecule has an overabundance of electrons which then damages cells in our body. However, when active hydrogen combines with the free-radicaloxygen, then the result is water – water that helps the detoxifying of the cells. The use of micro-clustered, electrolyte-reduced, hydrogen-enriched Live alkaline water is readily absorbed by the cells, hydrating the brain culminating in optimum brain functionality. Such ionized water carries oxygen to the cells, culminating in boosting energy levels. In the process, it makes proteins and enzymes function efficiently and transports nutrients, hormones and other elements to address, in this instance, brain-related conditions.

Given the important role water plays in our lives, especially with respect to brain health, knowing the quality of water we drink is an essential first step on the road to our optimal physical, emotional and mental health. Are you curious to see what lurks in your water? Lise and I will give you an in-home Live Presentation and FREE testing of your water quality. Find out the real scoop!

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In our dedication to unravel the mysteries of the brain, we will bring to you a series of articles on the much sought-after topic of how Live water consumption plays a major role in our everyday life.

Pesi Shroff, Reiki Master (18 years),  Quantum Sound Therapist, & Water Consultant.

Pesi uses all of these mediums to empower and improve the quality of life for all who seek it.