Alkaline Water – The Natural Antihistamine, The Sequel

Is your child suffering from seasonal or food allergies? Are you aware that Alkaline Water is a natural antihistamine that can mitigate your child’s allergies and dependence on antihistamine drugs? Are you aware that your child’s wellbeing may be compromised by the consumption of antihistamine drugs over an extended period of time? 

Allergies are one of the most common chronic health conditions affecting Canadian population, especially children. In our earlier article Alkaline Water, The Natural Antihistamine”, we showed the interconnectedness between allergies, its impact on histamine level, the role of histamine in body’s response system, and the use of antihistamine drugs, culminating in the brain health being compromised. Dehydration has been identified as one of the culprits in declining brain health and we offer a simple daily-need solution Live water. Live water that has the potential to improve your child’s allergy-related condition and overall health. 

Allergies are an inflammatory, hypersensitivity response to foreign proteins or allergens. Histamine is an organic nitrogenous compound involved in local immune responses, as well as regulating physiological function in the gut and acting as a neurotransmitter for the brain, spinal cord, and uterus. In children, histamine plays a significant role in their development and is an essential component to optimum health.

Children often have environmental/ food allergies. They consume: low-quality foods/ snacks, processed foods, refined grains that contain preservatives, sugar and salt; soft drinks and other beverages while drinking only a small quantity of dead (municipal or bottled) water. They are also subject to stress associated with the external harsh environment and are treated with antihistamine drugs. The cumulative effect of these is poor brain functionality that has the potential to manifest as weight gain, DNA damage, and below-mentioned cognitive functions, culminating in high levels of histamine. This phenomenon is on the rise and are indicators of chronic dehydration that can cause histamines to become excessively active.

When children are dehydrated, their brain cells cannot function properly. Dehydration lowers the psychomotor processing speed, adversely affecting your child’s energy level, moods, memory, concentration, anxiety. In her information-packed and impactful video, “Your Brain Health on Water”, Dr Corrin Allen, International Author & Speaker, Researcher and Practitioner of Natural Health, Neurodevelopmental educator highlights that the young children are developing nervous systems that seem to be particularly vulnerable to any allergenic or toxic overloads. Brain issues linked with histamine levels too high include: abnormal fear, aggressiveness, autism, bi-polar, compulsive behaviour, depression, hyperactivity, overstimulation, racing brain, schizophrenia, suicide thoughts, to name a few. Are you aware that learning disabilities, academic and behavioral issues, acute and chronic brain injuries can be effectively dealt with through stimulating permanent changes in the brain, without the use of drugs?

Water has become the most misunderstood and underappreciated nutrient in the world. It is one of the most important elements essential for optimum operation of your child’s vital organs and systems, most importantly, the brain. The brain is 80% water that runs the pituitary and hypothalamus glands – glands that regulate your child’s bodily functions.

Are you aware that the consistent and sometimes overuse of antihistamines clogs your child’s liver? As Alkaline water is a natural antihistamine of high potency without side effects, supplying the body with this pure natural water will cause high antihistamine levels to disappear. This water can be used in cooking, making soups and in natural concentrate fruit juices to maximize your child’s water intake. What better way to address your child’s allergenic condition as well as the hydration requirement than by encouraging her/ him to consume the right kind of Live water – water that inhibits histamines production, reducing dependency on antihistamine drugs. 

The use of micro-clustered, electrolyte-reduced, hydrogen-enriched Live alkaline water is readily absorbed by the cells, thereby hydrating the brain. It carries oxygen to the cells, culminating in boosting energy levels. In the process, it makes proteins and enzymes function efficiently and transports nutrients, hormones and other elements for your child’s optimum Brain health. As such, it is essential that your child consumes the right amount (one ounce per pound of body weight) of Live alkaline water to fulfill the daily water needs.

Given the important role water plays in your child’s life – especially with respect to the brain health – knowing the quality of water your child drinks, is an essential first step on the road to your child’s optimal physical, emotional and mental health. Are you curious to see what lurks in your water that impact’s your child’s health? I will give you an in-home brief Live Presentation and FREE testing of your water quality. Find out the real scoop! 

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