Are you aware that your body is constantly signalling you to bring it into harmony & balance? That the signals you receive are often not heard as they are being overshadowed by your ego-centric mind? Did you know that over 70% of North Americans suffer from dehydration, culminating in out of balance functioning of the brain, vital organs and bodily systems? 

If so, your brain health and associated with it your bodily systems, may be compromised and hampering you from leading a full, balanced and healthy life. Dehydration has been identified as one of the culprits in declining brain and overall good health and we offer a simple solution to this: Live water. It has the potential to bring you and your family’s bodies into harmony and balance, culminating in overall optimal health.

In our previous article, we explained how consumption of traditional medication with horrendous side effects, processed and comfort foods, beverages such as sodas, coffee and alcohol further dehydration, decreases memory enzymes, causes DNA damage and adversely affects brain functioning. The low quality of municipal drinking water treated with fluoride causes weight gain and depression. As your body does not like its taste, it consumes less, aggravating the situation. The quality of the air we breathe, the ever-increasing EMF and pollutant environment we live in and the negative emotions associated with our experiences further exacerbate the situation, furthering inflammation-related conditions and associated with it dehydration.

Our brains need to have a minimum quantity of clean water to carry out its normal functions. For example: a mere 1-2% reduction of water in the Brain may mean problems in concentrating and thinking; a 5% reduction results in 20%-30% drop in physical performance; a 10% drop induces sickness and a 20% drop induces death. If the short come in water is not replaced immediately, its effect on functionality is accumulative, culminating in the body becoming increasingly out of balance.

In our earlier articles we explained: how hydration helps dissolve minerals in the brain, and facilitates the flow of energy resources to our brain; and how Kangen Water – a free-radical scavenger – eliminates acid overload and bad chemistry. Did you know that the quality of water you consume has the potential to alleviate the dangers associated with dehydration and bring your bodies back into balance? Towards that end, you ought to consume the right kind of Live, micro-clustered water that is electrically-charged that hydrates your cells. It ought to be electrolyte-reduced, hydrogen-enriched, hexagonal-structured, ionized, alkaline, water.

Water has become the most misunderstood and underappreciated nutrient in the world.  It is one of the most important elements essential for optimum operation of our vital organs and systems, most importantly, our brain. Our brain is 80% water that runs the pituitary and hypothalamus glands – glands that regulate our bodily functions. Oxygen from free-radicals compromise the optimal performance of bodily systems and functions, furthering imbalance, and in the brain, they hamper neurotransmitter functionality.

Summer is the fun-filled and exciting time for building your dreams and becoming free spirit in the playground of life. It is a time for the increasing light that over-light your shadows. It is a season you ought to be mindful of dehydration associated with high temperatures and your lifestyle. Signs of dehydration include dry lips, dry mouth, dry skin, dry hair, dry tissue, constipation, diarrhea. Water protects the tissues from shriveling up, helps dissolve minerals – hardened minerals lead to saroses in arteries. Water regulates body temperature, carries and eliminates waste essence of life, produces electro-magnetic current to fuel cells, increases resonance field through which cells communicate. It is a conduit for the transmission of vibrational energies and its transfer of DNA. It lessens burden on kidney, carries oxygen to cells, lubricates and cushions joints, flushes out toxins/ poisons, helps produce digestive enzymes, slows down cell damage/ death and helps keep away aches & pains. It is imperative that we consume at least 2.5 L of Live water daily to replace water loss – strenuous activity needs additional consumption. Ageing decreases thirst, making the elderly more susceptible to dehydration. The primary cause of dehydration is consuming dead (acid) water. It is time for you to change and to implement new measures to fulfill your life’s purpose in the NOW. As such, you need to let go of your old habits and institute new ones to reflect the NEW YOU. What better time than now to unmask yourself and transform your life as the saying goes: “Change Your Water and Change Your Life”!

It takes courage to step outside your comfort zone to learn and usher in fresh understandings and methodology such as introduction of micro-clustered, ionic, hydrogen-rich, alkaline Live water in your life – that are often different from your current ones – that further your overall wellbeing. This process is facilitated by the new energies that are upon us to motivate and grow into the new dimensions of light. It is time to cease on this opportunity to become the best YOU can be.

Given the important role water plays in your live – especially in this summer season that affects brain health – knowing the quality of water you drink is an essential first step on the road to your optimal physical, emotional and mental health. Are you curious to see what lurks in your water? Pesi will give you an in-home Live Presentation and FREE testing of your water quality. Find out the real scoop!