About Me

Pesi’s Gift to Humanity

As Pesi continues to evolve on his spiritual journey, he is committed to the empowerment of students and those dedicated to self-empowerment, to tap into their hidden talents and reap their full potential. As he makes this fascinating journey, he extends a hand to others who wish to embark on their own journey towards self-healing and self-enlightenment.

Through information on this site, he makes the capabilities of healing and self-empowerment known and accessible to all. To those who are dedicated and work diligently towards their growth, Pesi is committed to:

  • providing guidance to navigate their human ship, with joy and with ease, through the minefield of life’s navigable waters and bring her safely home;
  • nurturing and supporting them to reap their full potential thereby furthering Happiness, Good Health, Abundance, Prosperity, Unconditional Love, Light and Peace on the planet, and set them on the path to self-mastery.


PESI SHROFF, has studied the ancient practice of healing and self-empowerment in the Traditional Usui System of Reiki for 25 years, the last 13 years as a Reiki Master. He seeks to teach the benefits of incorporating the holistic approach in our lives, be it through the medium of Reiki, through Quantum Sound Therapy or through life-coaching to foster a healthy lifestyle and achieve inner happiness and peace.

Due to a chronic illness of a loved one (hereinafter referred to as “Love”), he began to embark on the study of holistic remedies and practices to aid “Love” in healing “Love’s” crippling bi-polar condition naturally. Through Reiki empowerment and hands-on Reiki treatments over the years, “Love” has been medication-free. Inspired by the progress, “Love” focused on spiritual practice and has been a Reiki Master. The spiritual practice has evolved. “Love’s” life has now been dedicated in service to the planet and humanity, working towards ushering in an era of conscious awakening. 

Over the years, Pesi has developed a practice in teaching Reiki and self-empowerment techniques; tailoring courses to meet clients needs and healing treatments. This practice has become a vehicle for spreading his message of holistic well-being. In recent years, he has embraced “Quantum Sound Therapy” ‒ a new and unique sound modality ‒ that removes subconscious blockages by simply listening ‒ anytime, anywhere, without encroaching on the client’s time. This allows clients to reap maximum benefit in a time-efficient manner. Additionally, it provides Pesi with an opportunity to extend his reach globally ‒ and is in alignment with his mission of empowering people and businesses alike, to perform to the fullest, stand in their truth and REDISCOVER THEIR REAL SELVES.

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