“We find that close to 90% of the workforce is disengaged. People are yearning for a way to work and live in a way where they are engaged not only in mind and body, but their emotions, their spirit  and their authentic personality. The challenge for today’s leaders is to provide an environment that allows for such a deep engagement.”

Peter Matthies / Founder of Conscious Business Institute

As the owner of the Golden Light Therapies, I believe that people’s real worth is often either not encouraged, recognized, or is undervalued. My core beliefs are that people of all ethnic backgrounds, gender and health disparities have within them unique gifts to contribute to society and, if given an opportunity, have the potential to make valuable contributions to society. I, thus, recognize the need to empower people in all segments of society, including in the work environment. In so doing, I embrace their uniqueness and like cream that floats to the surface – allow them to excel – for the benefit of business enterprise.I am passionate about improving society through conscious business in a pragmatic, strategic and business-focused approach. I want my clients to know what they need to do, live by values and lead the change. As part of my portfolio of services, I provide guidance on how to build your team, your culture and help your business grow and thrive in this amazing time as business consciousness evolves to meet the ever-changing socio-economic and political landscape.

Why the need to have a consciousness business?

With the increase and complexity of operating globally, increased competition, and diversity of cultural backgrounds in our workforce, requires that we change the way we conduct business. The old paradigm of ‘Dominance and Subservience’ to reach a goal, is no longer effective, especially with the new generation. Organizations are discovering that empowering employee to reach their peak performance is much more effective than controlling them.
Are you ready to change and maintain your business practices to reflect that of a Conscious business?
In this period of change, businesses need to evolve to embrace a new conscious way to conduct business. What it entails is that the business –  a reflection of the passion of its owner – expresses its essential values through its work. In essence, a conscious business seeks to promote the intelligent pursuit of happiness in all its stakeholders. It produces sustainable, exceptional performance through the solidarity of its community and the dignity of each member. To achieve this, the business has to be conducted in a manner that is reflective of the values and the innate qualities of humanity.
Below is the graphic representation of the interconnectedness of the business-related operational variable factors – the purpose of which is to achieve optimal workplace wellness that is a bi-product of your unique business approach as your business’s contribution globally for the greater good of all. This entails the collective consciousness of a highly engaged employee – the valuable resource that has the potential to catapult the consciousness of your business to make this happen.
Are your strategies aligned to foster business consciousness?
As businesses try to adapt to the new emerging economies, they face challenges associated with varying employee and clientele needs that further humanity values and the new environment. Below is the graphic representation of the interconnectedness of the workplace environment, employee performance (i.e. Quality and Productivity of the management and employees alike), and clientele loyalty essential for business success in this changing paradigm.
Currently, businesses operate on a competitive environment culminating in survival of the fittest. This approach is self-centered – a reflection of “I for myself” at the expense of others. Additionally, the traditional job market is shrinking, giving rise to people competing with each other to retain job and/or for job advancement. The new paradigm shift embraces a collaborative environment wherein “I work as an instrument” – individual as part of the collective –  working together for the greater good of all globally. Below is a graphic representation of the evolutionary process and the benefit to a business, derived therefrom, as it moves from a competitive to a collaborative environment essential for the paradigm shift. 

Highly engaged employees    →

Increased employee satisfaction  →

Enhanced employee performance  ↓

which allows funds for

↓  Employee development & empowerment

←  Increased Revenue

←  Increased productivity

Higher levels of commitment  →

Improved communication  →

Shift from “I the Doer” (self-centered) to “I the Instrument” (heart-centered)  ↓

Culminating in

Optimal workplace wellness

(bringing to fruition Business Consciousness)

←  Harmony into your workplace

←  Collaboration for the greater good

The interconnectedness of, and the domino effect of the collaborative process generates a sense of belonging, that fosters strong, vibrant & cohesive communities – recognizing that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  In so doing, we work together, as individuals, for the collective wellbeing of humanity – a win-win outcome.



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