Our Disclaimer

The Systems and Methods of Reiki and other Energy Healing (all workshops and sessions),  Osteopathy, massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Shirodhara along with Meditation and All Alternative Healing Methods cannot substitute Conventional Psychological and Medical Treatment and Diagnosis.

The Touch and Energy of Reiki and the other Energy Systems is simple, pleasant, natural and totally safe for anyone and can be given along with any conventional or alternative treatment.

Reiki Practitioners and Reiki Teachers do not diagnose conditions.  They do not subscribe drugs and do not interfere with medical/psychological or pharmaceutical issues.  They can support holistic relaxation and inner peace, which in their turn leads to deep inner harmony, clarity and strength.  And these are the essential preconditions for supporting any issue or problem.

Reiki is not related to any religion.  It is a relaxation technique of touch-healing which respects all philosophical and religious paths and can be combined with all beliefs.  People from all paths, religions and of all beliefs successfully learn and give reiki to themselves and to those around them.

Like all information contained on websites, use your discretion and your guidance in using the information.