Quantum Sound Therapy

Unlock Your Potential with Sound Healing Frequencies!

Are you stuck in old patterns? Are you fulfilled with your life’s progress? Have you discovered the Real You? Is happiness eluding you?

In this time of awakening and shift in consciousness, everyone is feeling it, but how can you ride the wave with simplicity and joy?

Welcome to the Newest Scalar Energy Technology in Quantum Sound Therapy with Tesla iQube! 

How can Sound Therapy help you?

Everyone and everything has a unique, measurable vibration.

An individual’s voice pattern is their energy signature that is a better representation than their DNA. A voice code contains a blend of frequencies unique to you which may hold the key to progressive evolution! It has the power to free you from the bondage of your subconscious negative thoughts and self-sabotage. Your personal sound therapy track acts as a personal “tuning fork”.

A voice sample is taken, analyzed and a graph representing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components is created. A unique set of your Personal Sound Frequencies (PSF) designed to balance you is then generated. Listening to your PSF harmonizes your energy and releases subconscious blocks that hold you back from living a life of love, joy and peace.

How can Your Personal Sound Frequency shift your Consciousness?

Personal Sound Frequency is a great tool to help harmonize and balance your energy. Your voice is like a symphony of energy that is not always in balance. Your voice is the outbound representation of the inner being that you are.

Your 24-minute custom frequencies will teach your brain to retrain those parts of you that are in disharmony – our deepest patterns that are stopping us from moving forward. By simply listening, it can bring us into our coherent state more rapidly.

What are the benefits of QST?

More Love & Joy

Elimination of blockages that hamper the free flow of love and joy.

Personal Application

Focus & Clarity

Fosters self love, new ideas, greater focus & clarity, peace & harmony, self-discovery – without the work & fear you struggle through when working with your conscious mind. 

Business Application


Provides better sleep, improved meditation.

Personal Application

Become the Real You

Realizing Your True Potential and Discovering the Real You.


Business Consciousness

What may you experience?

Listening to PSF with dedication for 30 days, harmonizes your energy and releases subconscious blocks that hold you back from living a harmonious & balanced life.

Typically, the following happens:

Day 1

Most people experience mental stimulation that begins to awaken possible energies.

Day 7

The energy may begin to become more stimulating as it invites your brainwaves to look more deeply at your own innate nature. This process begins to deepen within you.

Day 30

You may still notice some old patterns of resistance. Persistent use allows you to gently and easily strip away your old stories, old habits, and old limitations, keeping you in tune as you step into greater conscious awareness of your soul’s evolutionary journey.

Embracing the QST and using personal sound frequencies is akin to the washing machine of our energetic beings – the more frequent the use, the greater the benefit. The conscious shift in our vibration from fear to love, resulting therefrom, allows us to trust and act upon our intuition. In the process, we become pillars of Light, sending love & light to our brothers and sisters – embodying the mantra: I AM a Being of Light, of Love, of Energy.

The biggest difference is my meditation. I attain a much deeper level where it feels like the inside of my skull is massaged by light … love living in Tesla’s quantum field. It helps me be in the world but not of it.

Barbara Crockett / Montessori Educator, Charlotte, North Carolina

“I felt the shift with Tesla all night and through the morning. I could feel every cell in my body moving.”

Jeri Lou / Sound Therapist, Tesla Owner, Dallas Texas

“In a relatively short period of time, I experienced changes on all levels, physically, spiritually, emotionally, and psychologically. The iQubes and quantum sounds are based on love, so each day I am awash with love.” 

Laura, Canada

Sound Therapy + Tesla Coil Scalar Energy = Quantum Transformation

Golden Light Therapies, in alignment with the manufacturer’s mission to make this technology available to all, YOUR 24-minute personal sound track is $50 (tax in).