What is Reiki?

The word “Reiki” has enormous depth. Simply put, Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy or the Energy of Creation. It is a gentle, loving, healing energy or pure spiritual energy, the quality of which is unconditional love, centered at the heart. Being the “Energy of Creation”, it is all-encompassing and it involves no religion, no dogma and no system of belief and requires no special state of being. Reiki means different things to different people. To me, it has become a way of life and everything that I do in life is empowered through Reiki.  It has been instrumental, among others, in:

  • empowering me to continuously rise to greater heights to realize my unlimited potential;
  • bringing about a paradigm shift that has elevated my consciousness;
  • resolving disputes by harmonizing and bringing into balance relationships in the personal and work environments to bring about a win/ win outcome;
  • my standing in Divine Power and letting the Divinity work through me;
  • understanding self and others, and
  • setting me on my spiritual (spiritual implies that which is an essential component for growth/ development of spirit and is unique to individuals) path.


Reiki Connection from Birth and Now

Are we connected to Reiki from birth? If so, why is the re-connection necessary? Everyone has a natural connection to Reiki from birth. We are influenced everyday by our learned behaviors which stem from societal values, education systems, media, upbringing, and various other experiences. This conditions our minds, influences our belief systems and thought patterns and keeps us operating within those self-imposed and self-limiting parameters. Over time, our belief systems and lifestyles, which together with the emotional and mental stresses experienced, create energy blockages.

These blocks obstruct the flow of Reiki and our natural healing connection becomes distorted, diminishing our Reiki (life-force energy) intake.

Core beliefs formed during childhood are embedded deep within our subconscious and influence our present day thoughts, emotions and actions. Reiki helps to identify, treat and change these deep-rooted core beliefs in a profound way. 


Can Reiki empower me?

We often look for factors exterior to us to achieve self-empowerment, albeit with limited success. Self-empowerment is taking responsibility of one’s life and well-being and recognizing that to do otherwise is to give power away to others. To achieve this, one has to be at peace within oneself; inner peace being a reflection of one’s outer environment. Reiki helps individuals to go within and seek peace. When one works diligently with Reiki, self-empowerment is readily achievable. It transforms one’s life in a profound way and fosters a life filled with abundance, good health, peace, joy, unconditional love and prosperity.

Reiki empowerment transforms “O” for “Obstacles” into “O” for “Opportunities”. It has the potential to transform all negative emotions such as fear, stress, guilt, worry, frustration, anxiety, low self-esteem, etc into positive attributes such as unconditional love, harmony, happiness, joy, good health, peace, tranquility and prosperity. In the process it opens the doors that provide us with an opportunity to have a life full of opulence.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki supports and complements all other forms of health care. One may experience some or all of the following effects:

  • Eases pain and discomfort;
  • Reduces the effects of trauma and stress by releasing emotions;
  • Increases effectiveness of the immune system and the body’s response to medication;
  • Induces a sense of calm and balance;
  • Accelerates the body’s natural healing process;
  • Expands one’s understanding of self and others;
  • Enhances creativity.


I am not academically inclined; How difficult is it to learn and use Reiki?

One of the greatest gifts of Reiki is the ease with which it can be learned by those of any age ̶ adults to children ̶ who are ready and willing to work with the source of all energy. It is as simple as the laying-on of hands. Reiki has a wide range of applications in the personal and work environment, which among others, include:

  • Management leading up to healing of acute and chronic medical conditions;
  • Stress and pain management;
  • Anti-aging, and health maintenance;
  • Self-empowerment and tool for personal growth;
  • Situations, relationships and conflict resolution;
  • Man-made and natural disasters, world peace;
  • Animals, pets, plants, etc.; and, most importantly,
  • To empower every aspect of one’s Being, thereby embodying Reiki.


What are the limitations of Reiki?

Are you operating at your true potential? Have you ever wondered how to unlock your true potential? Reiki has no limitations. As individuals, however, we set barriers that restrict our flow of energy and our growth. Experiences have demonstrated that limitations are self-imposed and that humanity tends to operate within their own comfort zone. We are all born with unique gifts, some of which remain dormant until we have reached a level of understanding that will permit us to effectively and safely use the gifts for the greater good of humanity. When given a chance to develop fully, these gifts help us to realize our full potential. The benefits of Reiki are enormous and the heights to which we can reach are immeasurable.

“Anything worth achieving is possible and it is undoubtedly so through Reiki. The control is in our hands and the choice is ours.”  ~ Pesi Shroff


Reiki and Life-threatening Ailments

Does Reiki work for chronic and acute diseases in an equally beneficial way as well as eradicate life-threatening ailments? Can Reiki heal where conventional medicines have failed? Why do some people heal and others don’t? Reiki is a holistic or whole and complete system of healing. It addresses the root-cause of the dis-ease and heals by bringing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of one’s Being into harmony and balance. Once healed, the person is healed for life. The desire to get well and take full responsibility for oneself, together with the commitment to work diligently with Reiki, has the potential to transcend medical limitations to bring about healing.

If the dis-ease has progressed significantly and the person is deemed terminal, Reiki will help ease the pain and suffering. It gives the person strength, courage and determination to continue working for their highest good and continue to grow in spirit, while preparing the person for their onward journey. In certain cases, it is known to have returned persons to a stable condition for extended periods of time.

Humankind, by their very nature, are comfortable operating within their comfort zone and they resist venturing outside that zone. When we are ill, we control a lot of power for it gives us the opportunity of drawing energy from others in the form of attention, affection or caring. This creates a system of dependency, and self-pity, all of which detract from the principles of healing.


I am Healthy, why do I need Reiki?

There are three steps to spiritual growth. First our body goes through the detoxification process. This is followed by the healing process and finally when we are completely healed, we undergo the spiritual growth process. Our journey on this planet is to grow spiritually and ultimately to become one with the Creator. Only someone who is in a perfect state does not need healing. Consistent with the aforementioned healing and empowerment process, the need for healing, therefore, always exists, albeit to a varying degree.


How do I find a Reiki Master who is Right for Me?


In the traditional Usui System of Reiki as embraced by us, a candidate for mastership has to demonstrate that she/ he is prepared and ready to be an eligible candidate. Then, only after intense training and reaching a level appropriate to carry out all of the functions of a Reiki Master-Teacher, is the candidate considered worthy/ready of the Reiki Master certification. A Reiki Master, through the initiation process, connects the individual to Reiki at the spiritual level the Master herself/ himself is at—the greater the advancement, the higher the level of connection.

Before selecting a Master, it may be advisable to:

  • Check the lineage of the Master. How far down from the Grand Master level is the Master’s connection?
  • Find out how the Reiki channels created by the Master are doing in life. Of those who work with commitment to self-healing with Reiki, how many have shifted their lives sufficiently? What health, wealth, creative and spiritual benefits are they enjoying?
  • The above would be a reasonable indication of what one can expect from a Reiki Master.
  • If the practical results are there and you experience good vibrations with the Master, then you have found the appropriate Reiki Master.


What Criteria Differentiates Reiki from Other Healing Modalities?

Several modalities are on the market to meet the needs of individuals, Reiki ̶ the energy of creation ̶ is one of them. Reiki energies are considered indispensable for sustaining life and health of all living things. Reiki deals with all aspects of a human being ̶ the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ̶ to restore balance and harmony. It is a whole and complete system of healing. whereby, firstly, the body undergoes a detoxification process. Once healed completely, the person is healed for life.

It brings about whole and complete healing of an individual, a prerequisite to self-empowerment that fosters spiritual and personal growth, and sets the individual on the path of self-mastery.