” Water is Life’s Matter and Matrix, Mother and Medium.

There is no Life without Water.”

Albertszent-Gyorgyi Nobel Laureate

Spirit Water

The frequencies for the Spirit Molecule and additional frequencies to aid and assist the stimulation of the subtle pineal energy and the mystical experience, were added to this water. The Spirit Molecule is often associated with out of body experiences and an intensification of visual colors. This component is produced naturally by the human body. This designer water is to help you shift and expand your consciousness and bring about a sense of peace and happiness. It may also help you to relax deeply, feel happier, lighter and create an enhanced sense of well-being.

Spirit Structured Water

Supercalm Water

Supercalm is designed to deal with the mental and emotional body by adding additional energy frequencies. It is designed to uplift the emotions and create a euphoric sense of well-being. It assists in providing balance and harmony to the nervous system. This beverage helps: stabilize and calm the active mind, and deal with fear and stress. Successes have been noted with high blood pressure, kids with ADHD and autism.

Wellness Water

The Wellness Formula is designed to encourage maximum cell water turn over. This will help the body flush stored toxins from the system which in turn, support the immune system in the defense of the body, supports and strengthens the rhythm of the heart. The Wellness Formula deals with the complete body from its ability to process food for fuel, sugar imbalances, as well as the strengthening of the defense and energy systems of the body.

Wellness Structured Water

Miracle Water

The Miracle Water is imprinted with new Miracle frequency sound track and custom amplifiers. This will repattern the water molecule to support your health, hydration and well being at new levels.

Harmony Water

The frequencies of Harmony Water support physical stamina and vitality while balancing the systems of the body

Harmony  Water

Indigo Water

The frequencies of Indigo assist in brain balance and coherence, accelerates right brain learning and intuition. This can aid children who have had various learning disabilities.

This water was co-created with Dr. Emoto and Robert Lloyd using the voice files of thousands of gifted children from the Hado School in Japan. They used to ship 10 of thousands of bottles to the school. It is designed to balance the left and right lobes of the brain to help us process and let go more easily.

How can structure water promote health?

The quality of water we drink affects the quality of the life we live. Structured water carries a special value that improves cellular communications – it improves the way we generate energy as it is more efficient. For example, elimination of toxins. The water is, Hexagonal in structure, carries with it millions of frequencies of support and love.